When the time came for me to purchase my home, the only person I considered working with was Courtney. Throughout the entire process, I was confident that he was helping me make the best choices and was nothing but truthful. Being a home Buyer can be intimidating and overwhelming, but thankfully I had a trustworthy and savvy agent to help me through the unknown. If you want authenticity and competence when navigating the turbulent market, Courtney should be your first choice.

Flo. C

I was buying a home for the first time in 25 years when the market was really hot. Needless to say, options were limited and I was running out of time. Courtney seemed to achieve the impossible by finding me a dream home in a desirable neighbourhood and it wasn’t even on the market! Courtney is unique in the sense that he will go above and beyond for his clients to achieve results at a level I had not seen before working with him.

Michelle H.